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Lekker Local

Lekker Local

Imagine being able to support local producers in the comfort of your home. Now you can browse and purchase local products any time of the day or night.

Everything from freshly baked goods, meat and crops from local farmers, jams and preserves, biltong and droёwors, “plaasbotter”, homemade pies, cookies and much much more. Our culture is rich when it comes to food and now it can feel like “Ouma” has come to visit every day!

Boerewa will have all of this on one platform, enabling you to join the quest to support local producers and improve our local economy. We do not have everything on our platform yet but we will be adding more suppliers all the time. 

Boerewa is like going to the market in the comfort of your home.

Passion Into Profit

Finally, you can now take your passion to market – whether you are a local farmer, baker, manufacturer, producer or supplier of goods, Boerewa is the easiest way to reach customers!

Boerewa is a Bloemfontein-based online platform that enables local suppliers to list their products. We support local people who have a passion for what they do but would like to focus on their core business. By providing a complete solution to your marketing, sales, transaction and delivery needs, we enable you to focus on production and the core of your business.

Our passion is to help local producers turn their passion into profit.
If you would like to list your products with us, please fill out the suppliers form on our Contact Page.

Passion into Profit

Delivered To Your Door

Not only can you shop in the comfort of your home, we will deliver your purchase right to your door. Now supporting local is not just the right thing to do, it’s also convenient.

We have also decided to support local by contracting local drivers for your convenience. We have reached out to people who do not have permanent employment and offered them a chance to earn an income. By supporting Boerewa, you will also be supporting more local families.

It’s like the market has come to you.

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